Skua Nature Group is a global project dedicated to promoting sustainable wildlife tourism for more than a decade.

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Skua Nature Group

Skua Development is at the forefront of wilderness development.

Skua Development

Skua Development is at the forefront of wilderness development. We work across diverse natural landscapes, from the Arctic in Norway to southern Spain, employing tailored solutions for each area. Our commitment to minimizing disruption to wildlife, using low-impact tools, and respecting seasonal cycles sets us apart. Our team comprises experts in various fields who share a deep passion for nature.

In the realm of project planning, creating effective wildlife observation points and photo hides is our specialty. We collaborate with architects and surveyors globally to ensure the right balance of comfort, camouflage, and wildlife proximity. Our unique expertise lies in understanding both technical aspects and ecological dynamics.
When it comes to construction and development, we design visitor centers, repurpose abandoned structures to boost local economies, and raise awareness about nature’s role. We also focus on building photo hides and observation stations, from initial planning to maintenance.

Our work doesn’t stop at construction. We work closely with local teams, sharing our expertise and principles. We aim to be a part of a larger network of wildlife tourism, using our international experience to develop projects aligned with the welfare of nature.
SKUA Nature leads in natural area management, promoting ethical and environmentally responsible standards.

We participate in international fairs and have extensive industry contacts. Our focus is not only on construction but the entire project’s life cycle, ensuring success for all involved parties. Our network maximizes profits for local partners, making it a winning model for sustainable wildlife tourism.


Wildlife sustains our business and we sustain wildlife; through monitoring and conservation programmes we try to collect scientific data and to implement the nesting and reproduction of different species in our reserves. 
Follow a few examples of our efforts:

Conservation of The Iberian Lynx, Adamuz, Spain

The Iberian lynx, a native predator of the Iberian Peninsula, teetered on the brink of extinction due to hunting, habitat loss, and the decline of its primary prey, wild rabbits. Alpasín, located in Adamuz, Spain, has been a stalwart in conservation efforts for the Iberian lynx, even before joining the SKUA Wild Network. Their holistic approach encompasses habitat restoration, wild rabbit conservation, and the strategic reintroduction of captive-born lynxes. Alpasín actively collaborates with landowners, public administrations, and non-profit organizations to protect the environment, operating under the Spanish state legislation (Ley 42/2007, del Patrimonio Natural y de la Biodiversidad).

In their ongoing dedication to the cause, Alpasín has not only contributed to the preservation of the Iberian lynx but has also ventured into environmental education. They have opened up opportunities for people to photograph these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. Through revenue from these activities, they have further enhanced the environment to support the wild rabbit population, consequently benefiting the Iberian lynx.

Conservation Project: Seabirds in Kongsfjord, Norway
Northern Norway, particularly Kongsfjord, is a cherished nesting site for migratory bird species. SKUA Nature recognized the challenge posed by recent renovations and refurbishments in this region, threatening established nesting sites. With the acquisition of Kongsfjord Guesthouse, SKUA Nature embarked on a unique conservation project. They aimed to restore the property while creating new nesting sites for several bird species, with a primary focus on black-legged kittiwakes, black guillemots, and Arctic terns. SKUA Nature successfully addressed the delicate coexistence between these birds and human development.

Through their dedicated efforts, they’ve not only secured existing nesting sites but have proactively created new habitats for these avian species. Their innovative approach includes the construction of nesting sites on the property to ensure the continued thriving of these magnificent seabirds.

The Stag Beetle Monitoring Project, La Mandria Regional Park, Italy
In collaboration with “Ente Parchi Regione Piemonte” and the University of Pavia, SKUA Nature initiated the Stag Beetle Monitoring Project within La Mandria Regional Park in Turin, Italy. This project was made possible through the organization’s activities in the “Ciabot Degli Animali” within the park, where they conduct photo workshops. The revenue generated from these workshops directly finances their conservation projects.

The stag beetle, known for its large size and striking mandibles, is a vital component of forest ecosystems. These insects play a fundamental role in decomposing dead wood, enriching the soil, and fostering plant and tree growth. However, habitat fragmentation and the introduction of red oak have led to habitat loss and population decline. The Stag Beetle Monitoring Project involves direct observations of stag beetle populations within La Mandria Regional Park, contributing to the preservation of this ecologically important species and the overall ecological balance.

By engaging in this significant project, SKUA Nature is not only helping safeguard the stag beetle but also contributing to the overall health of forest ecosystems. This monitoring project is a testament to their commitment to conservation and their understanding of the critical role the stag beetle plays in maintaining forest health.

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