Skua Nature Group is a global project dedicated to promoting sustainable wildlife tourism for more than a decade.

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About Skua Nature

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Skua Nature DMC

At Skua Nature, we transcend conventional travel, serving as your dedicated Destination Management Company (DMC) passionately devoted to unlocking the wonders of the natural world.

Why Choose Skua Nature as Your DMC?

Nature-First Philosophy:

Skua Nature goes beyond being a travel company; we act as custodians of nature. Our commitment to biodiversity influences every experience we curate. From the Arctic landscapes of Varanger to the wild reserves of Extremadura and Sierra Morena, as well as the enchanting Danube Delta, we celebrate the richness of our planet.

Local Expertise:

As a local DMC, our roots are deeply embedded in each destination. Our team comprises passionate locals who intimately understand the landscapes, wildlife, and cultural intricacies. This local insight ensures that your journey is authentic and unparalleled.

Tailored Experiences:

At Skua Nature, we don’t simply offer tours; we create natural experiences. Whether you’re chasing the ethereal Northern Lights, exploring the biodiversity hotspots of Spain, or navigating the channels of the Danube Delta, every moment is meticulously tailored to your preferences.

Expert Naturalists and Guides:

Our Keepers and guides are more than just experts; they live in these places and are exceptional storytellers. They bring each destination to life, sharing insights into the flora, fauna, and cultural tapestry that make each place unique.

What Sets Us Apart:

Skua Nature is more than exploration; we are staunch advocates for conservation. Our initiatives support the preservation of natural habitats and the species that inhabit them. We believe in responsible tourism and actively engage with local communities, ensuring that our journeys contribute positively to the places we visit.

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