Skua Nature Group is a global project dedicated to promoting sustainable wildlife tourism for more than a decade.

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The Skua Model is something unique and we are proud of it. We put efforts in giving back to Mother Nature, creating an economical flow out of Nature itself and making possible conservation actions and other important contributions.

Emotions and authenticity have a pivotal role in all we do and offer; come and meet us, feel our genuine astonishment for nature and know our mindset. We are always eager to know you in person and share our perspective!

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Craft your own unique journey, whether it’s focused on birdwatching, photography, or thrilling adventure travel.

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Enjoy privileged access to specialised facilities and hides, offering you unparalleled encounters with wildlife.

Wild Oasis

Our lodges provides a cozy sanctuary within the untamed wilderness, ensuring your comfort and relaxation.

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Our committed team is here to ensure your every need is met, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction exceed your highest expectations.

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