Skua Nature Group is a global project dedicated to promoting sustainable wildlife tourism for more than a decade.

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Skua approaches photography on different levels, we have a consolidated network made of photo hides, courses, masterclasses and photo expeditions.
In our reserves, we built hides that satisfy the highest level of efficiency, while being well embedded in the environment and not constituting a threat or a disturbance for wildlife. But we also organize courses, both theoretical and practical, held in beautiful locations, which have the purpose to give you a first approach to the world of photography.

For the more experts we have masterclasses, in which you will unveil all the secrets of photography with masters and then special photo expeditions, in which you will have the opportunity to feel on a mission, while enjoying a fantastic journey with photography as the main subject.

Nature Photo Hides

In our reserves we built for you a wide selection of professional photo hides, where you can enjoy a photo session while staying comfortable; but we also use boat excursions and special temporary hides, everything to give the best photographic and most authentic experience while being respectful of Nature.

Here below you will find the list of all our hides to book your special experience!

Photo Expeditions

Are you a photographer? Do you dream of becoming one? We also organize specialized photo expeditions, in which you will have the chance to experience a mission like travel, made with the final aim of reaching only the most professional results in all fields of photography.
In this kind of offer you will be accompanied by renowned expert photographers in a journey like no others.

Follow the details of all the available Photo Expeditions, book your today!

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