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Our exclusivity reflects also on the uniqueness of our accommodations.
Our exclusivity reflects also on the uniqueness of our accommodations; insulated yet very comfortable and with everything needed.

It’s not easy to give high quality service in almost inaccessible places, but our determination helped us to create something that you will surely like.

Scroll to discover more about each location and its unique traits and for every inquiry don’t hesitate to contact us!

Kongsfjord Arctic Lodge

Kongsfjord Arctic Lodge is our special accommodation situated in the Veines Peninsula; it is the headquarter of all our arctic escapades and accounts for 3 apartments, 8 standard rooms and two hostels solutions for family and travel groups.

Come, experience the enchantment of sleeping in an authentic fishing village transformed into exquisite facilities, offering everything from cozy hostels and rooms to spacious apartments. Immerse yourself in an extraordinary setting, perfect for birdwatching and photography, where stunning vistas of the sea, mountains, and cliffs unfold before you.

Feel the magic of history and authenticity as you chill in the serene environment of Kongsfjord Arctic Lodge, nestled in the Veines peninsula. After braving the Arctic elements, indulge in soothing sauna sessions. Marvel at the mesmerizing dance of the Northern Lights while sipping warm beverages by the fireplace, all while witnessing the untouched beauty of the arctic wilderness.

Tailored Experiences for All:

Whether you seek relaxation, inspiration, or adventure, our lodge caters to every desire. Explore exclusive photo hides, visit with us the local museums to discover a magical, and sometimes obscure, history; indulge in a hearty breakfast at our restaurant or utilize the private kitchens in the apartments, take your time in our sauna or engage in creativity within our tranquil meeting room accommodating up to 15 individuals.

Step into the Extraordinary:

Join us at Kongsfjord Arctic Lodge, where history, nature, and tranquility converge. Unlock an Arctic adventure like no other. Contact us to embark on this exceptional journey!

Hotel Ultima Frontiera

In Periprava on the wild Danube Delta is located our fantastic accommodation; once a Pogrom and then a fish factory, the reserve itself accounts for over 1000 hectares and a lot of history.

In the Hotel you will find 16 comfortable rooms, electric caddies to roam around the reserve and the restaurant, but there’s more; you can enjoy some relaxation in our patio or have a sun bath in the garden. When night comes starry skies show the magnificence of the universe while tens of howling creatures come alive; at sunrise a whole set of chirping birds start their symphony.

We also have a comfortable meeting room that could serve the purpose of a classroom for courses, masterclasses and other activities.

Tailored Experiences for All:

From our Hotel in the middle of the reserve we organize all kinds of activities for our guests, from the night excursion in the Letea Forest looking for Tawny Owls to the boat trips on the river and many more.

Step into the Extraordinary:

Join us at Ultima Frontiera, one of the biodiversity jewels of eastern Europe, the tranquility of the area and its wildlife variety and richness will amaze you. Contact us to embark on this exceptional adventure!

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