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All the animals housed in the Ciabot have been born in captivity and would not know or could not survive in the wild.

We have chosen certain exotic species because, unlike native ones, they do not suffer from contact stress.

We have chosen species with very little mobility and that benefit from human contactto protect their well-being as much as possible.

The origin of these animals is always fromcertified and authorized Italian farms.

The method of detention and care complies with all national regulations and is authorized by Parque La Mandria and by the competent ASL.

The animals are always supervised and guarded by experts.

The chosen species are not able to survive winter temperatures, so they cannotin any way interfere, modify or damage our ecosystem.

At the same time, at Skua Nature Group we collaborate with universities and institutions with the aim of caring for native species such as Lucanus cervus.

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