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Trails in the Danube Delta. A unique and special adventure into the wilderness and culture of these pristine areas. A journey for all travel and nature lovers.

A journey for all. For travelers, photography and nature lovers.

DURATION: 8 days
MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 6 + 1 Tour Leader (Minimum number of participants 6 PAX + 1 Tour Leader)
DATES:  August 06-13 / August 13-20 / August 20-27
ACCOMMODATION: Ultima Frontiera Hotel – Campground and small accommodations

TRANSPORTATION: SKUA Nature van – Boats – 4WD
MEALS: Kitchen in the facility – Packed lunch
DIFFICULTY: Easy – support from guides expert about the area, wildlife, and photography
INFORMATION: SKUA headquarters: – +39 0141 918349


VISAS AND VACCINATIONS: In accordance with the applicable health regulations:

Ultima Frontiera is the last border between Romania and Ukraine, separated only by the Danube, which here forms the largest wetland in Europe. Reaching Ultima Frontiera, an untouched area of more than 1,000 hectares, can be an adventure itself.

In fact, access to the reserve is only possible via an 85-kilometer river route, as there is no road connection to the mainland. Ultima Frontiera, known by international photographers for hosting a variety of migratory birds in spring and summer, is the perfect place to dive deep into nature and try new activities with friends or family.

During our 4WD excursions through the steppe you will encounter a variety of wildlife such as White-tailed Eagles and Red-footed Falcons, as well as large groups of Great White Pelicans and Dalmatian Pelicans on our boat trips to the inland lakes. You will also photograph the majestic White-tailed Eagles in flight and Golden Jackals fighting for food from our special photo hides. Together we will have unforgettable experiences amidst rural villages and eerie abandoned dwellings, and we can take bike tours and electric buggy rides through the reserve. The lagoons and canals in the area can be used for activities such as paddle surfing, surrounded by waterfowl.

You will also explore dunes, ancient forests and vast steppes colored bright red by the presence of glasswort, where you will camp for the night while listening to the howling of jackals. After the intense days, you will relax with a refreshing swim in the Black Sea at sunset or take walks under a magnificent starry sky in these areas without light pollution.

Unspoiled Romania awaits you with its landscapes, its incredible wildlife, its people and its oldest traditions.

BASIC FEE: 1.615 (from Bucarest)
SUPPLEMENT (additional flight in August): €380
KITTY: €190

  • Supervision by wildlife and photography professionals
  • Use of professional hides for photography and wildlife observation
  • All transfers by land and river
  • Health insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • All activities as described in the report
  • Use of off-road vehicles, vans, and boats
  • Use of personal electric buggies
  • Drivers, pilots, and fuel
  • Planned activities
  • flights and roundtrip airfare
  • single room supplement
  • tips and any additional activities not described in the report and itinerary
  • Group experience
  • Adventure
  • Wildlife
  • Land and river-based activities
  • Professional photo hides
  • Support by experienced wildlife and photographic staff

The Itinerary in short

Italy – Bucharest – Garlíciu – Tulcea – Ultima Frontiera – C.A. Rosetti – Sfiştofca – Letea – Sulina – Sfantu Gheorge – Tulcea – Istria – Bucharest – Italy

Day 1

From Bucharest airport we will be transferred to CH Bucharest Hotel, where we will have dinner and get ready for our adventure.

Day 2

On the way to Tulcea and Ultima Frontiera we will pass through Garlíciu, in the Dobrogea region, where we can observe a large colony of ravens and the friendly Prairie Dogs that hide behind the hills where they have their underground burrows. On the way we pass through several Romanian towns where we can observe the simple and traditional lifestyle, the horse carts and the fresh fruit stalls that take us back to a time long gone.

We will get to Tulcea, the gateway to the Danube Delta, where we will take the long canal that separates Romania from Ukraine. In the afternoon we will arrive at Ultima Frontiera, where we can rest and enjoy a refreshing drink. Before dinner at our accommodation, we will take a short hike to see some of the trails in the reserve at sunset.

On the way we will learn about the history of Ultima Frontiera, a former gulag of which some dilapidated structures still remain and which is now a refuge for many wild animals.

Day 3

At Ultima Frontiera we will have the opportunity to enter some photo hides where we can observe and photograph animals at close range without being seen. In the morning we will use the hide of the Golden Jackal and the White-tailed Eagle, where we might be able to observe these two stars of the Danube Delta interacting. In the afternoon, we will drive around the reserve in our buggies or electric cars and visit other types of hides: floating structures located on the shores of lagoons and wetlands. Here you can observe pelicans, herons, kingfishers and waders.

Day 4

Ultima Frontiera encompasses more than 1,000 hectares of wilderness with trails and unpaved but easily accessible roads. In the morning, we will join a guided bike tour to observe European Bee-eaters fly and see the curious Bearded Reedling peeking out among the reeds.

After lunch at the hotel restaurant, we will explore the lakes in the reserve by kayak and try to see Pygmy Cormorants and Great White Pelicans up close.

We end the day with a refreshing swim in the lake and take the opportunity to photograph the spectacular sunset, whose lights are reflected in the water.

Day 5

In the morning we will pack up and leave for an excursion to the inland lakes of the Danube, where the great biodiversity of the delta is hidden. We will observe Grey Herons, Dalmatian Pelicans, Red-necked Grebes and many other waterfowl and waders. The boat will dock near the village of Letea, where a typical lunch will be waiting for us. By 4WD vehicle we will cross the wildest steppes of the Danube Delta and visit other rural centers: C.A. Rosetti and Sfiştofca.

We will stroll through deserted streets, enter abandoned houses and discover landscapes that will take us back in time. In the afternoon we will explore the forest of Letea, the oldest forest in Romania, where the Black Sea arrived 6,000 years ago. We will discover the centuries-old oaks, more than 700 years old, and visit the huge dune fields that form the northernmost subtropical forest in the world. As night falls, we will continue our exploration of the steppe to see the last Collared Pratincoles and young Red-footed Falcons of this season. We will also keep an eye out for large groups of wild horses of Letea, one of five European horse populations that still roam the steppe free and untamed.

Finally we reach our campsite, where the tents are pitched around a central campfire and the ground is stained red by glasswort. On our last night at Ultima Frontiera, we will eat and sleep under a spectacular starry sky while listening to the farewell howls of the jackals.

Day 6

After an early breakfast near Letea, we board our boat to begin our journey back to Sulina, the middle arm of the Danube Delta. We pass through Musura Bay and look out for the Pallas’s Gull colony. The same boat will take us to Sfantu Gheorge, where we can spend an afternoon on the beach and swim in the Black Sea. We spend the night in fishermen’s huts, where we can enjoy a long and quiet night on the northernmost arm of the Danube.

Day 7

In the morning we reach the city of Tulcea via the river. From there we continue by van to Istria, where we can explore the southern part of this region.

Istria was a Roman city, as evidenced by the remains of the ancient citadel and the ancient fortress that protected the city. After a packed lunch, we will return to CH Bucharest Hotel, where we will have some rest.

Day 8

On our last day, in the morning, weather permitting, we will visit some famous streets in the center of Bucharest, such as Pasajul Victoria, Macca Vilacrosse and Curtea Veche. Later, at the airport, we will say goodbye and look forward to our next adventure together.

Hide – Professional photo hides
The hides or photo hides are special structures for observing wildlife, perfectly integrated into the environment and able to comfortably accommodate 1 to 6 people, depending on their size. They are in strategic points to increase the possibility of observing wildlife at close range, and to guarantee participants discreet comfort and optimal photo conditions. There are hides made of different materials, shapes, and features, but all have the goal of approaching animals without disturbing them and minimizing the impact on the area. In these structures, wildlife never come into contact with observers and photographers: visitors remain hidden behind special glass windows or camouflage nets. In this way, the animals do not get used to the presence of people and do not change their natural behavior. The wild nature of the animals is respected, and they can continue to visit their usual areas undisturbed.

  • Photo lenses: For those interested in nature photography, focal lengths of at least 200/300 mm or duplicators suitable for this purpose are recommended. For photographing people and the environment, other optics are recommended
  • Polarizing filters
  • Clothing suitable for local temperatures
  • LED headlamp
  • Binoculars
  • Sunscreen and/or moisturizer
  • Check the required documents depending on the current health situation in Italy and in the host Country