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Spanish Pyrenees

42.30613, 1.11716
The magic land of Bearded Vultures
Nestled within the captivating expanse of the Spanish Pyrenees lies the Buseu Project, the newest reserve in the network and a testament to the delicate balance between tradition and ecological preservation.

Orchestrated by Skua, the stewardship of L’Altre Pallars S.L., this initiative encapsulates a commitment to sustaining the region’s rich biodiversity while harmonizing with age-old land use practices.

The historic town of Buseu, under the careful custodianship, serves as the canvas for a compelling narrative of conservation and ecological rejuvenation. The project’s core objectives seamlessly blend the promotion of traditional activities with the safeguarding of the region’s unique landscape and diverse fauna.

Bearded vultures are the main characters of this reserve and dominate the skies above Buseu in big groups, visible from the different dedicated hides.

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Skua’s collaborative spirit extends beyond the town’s boundaries, actively engaging in the recovery and conservation of threatened species and habitats as dictated by the stringent norms of regional, national, and EU conservation regulations.

The vision encompasses the creation of a protective network enshrining mountain areas across the Pallars region and neighboring counties, all meticulously outlined in a comprehensive management plan.

At the heart of this initiative lies Project Buseu, a sanctuary for wildlife observation that unfolds in a seamless blend of ecological preservation and sustainable tourism. Here have been strategically placed hides, offering panoramic views of the enchanting Bearded Vulture, a spectacle of flight, nourishment, and interaction.

The supplementary food point, a sanctioned and registered haven, not only beckons the Bearded Vulture but also hosts a dynamic community, including the majestic Golden Eagle.

The Buseu area is a realm where Golden Eagles reign supreme, their presence guarded by hides with police glass. Here, wildlife enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the mystique of these regal birds, capturing moments of natural grace amid the Pyrenean landscape.

A permanent pond, a geological gift to Buseu, serves as a seasonal hub for avian activity, transforming with the rhythm of the Pyrenees’ seasons. From locusts to woodpeckers, blackbirds to finches, Buseu’s ecosystem thrives.

As the seasons unfold, Buseu offers a symphony of life: migratory species in spring and autumn, water snakes, amphibians, dragonflies, and occasional visits from larger mammals.

This project, meticulously managed by Skua in the Spanish Pyrenees, is a testament to the harmonious coexistence of tradition and ecology. This initiative invites all to witness the grandeur of nature’s tapestry, weaving a narrative of conservation, sustainability, and an enduring commitment to the unique and fragile ecosystem of the Pyrenean landscape.

“Skua’s Buseu Project in the Spanish Pyrenees harmonizes tradition and ecological preservation for biodiversity through immersive wildlife experiences.”


Alpine Meadows

At elevations near the Buseu Project, alpine meadows unfold as picturesque expanses adorned with resilient wildflowers, including edelweiss and gentians. These high-altitude ecosystems offer a haven for agile chamois and marmots, while the vibrant blooms attract pollinators adapted to the challenging alpine environment.

Coniferous Forests

Embracing the slopes, coniferous forests near the Buseu Project boast a majestic tapestry of pine and fir trees. The air is scented with resin as these woodlands provide a sanctuary for the elusive Pyrenean brown bear and the elusive capercaillie. The forest floor is alive with mushrooms and the occasional sighting of red deer.

Mountain Streams and Rivers

Crystal-clear mountain streams and rivers meander through the landscape, providing a cool and oxygen-rich environment for brown trout and endemic aquatic invertebrates. Riparian zones along these waterways are havens for amphibians like the agile Pyrenean brook salamander, while dragonflies dance above the water's surface.

Rocky Slopes and Scree

The rugged slopes and scree fields of the Pyrenees, particularly near the Buseu Project, form a dramatic panorama. Adapted plants like saxifrages cling to the rocky surfaces, and golden eagles gracefully navigate the thermals overhead. The intricate terrain offers strategic vantage points for the elusive Iberian ibex.

Moorland and Heath

Stretching across undulating landscapes, moorlands and heaths near the Buseu Project are adorned with a patchwork of heather and grasses. These open spaces are a haven for ground-nesting birds like the Northern wheatear, while European adders bask in the sun. The mosaic of colors changes with the seasons, creating a dynamic and visually captivating habitat.


Bearded Vulture

The Bearded Vulture is a true icon of the mountain skies. With its impressive wingspan and distinctive appearance, this magnificent bird of prey adds a sense of grandeur to the pristine landscapes, symbolizing the untamed beauty of the Spanish Pyrenees.

Egyptian Vulture

Witness the striking Egyptian Vulture, an emblematic raptor, soaring above The Spanish Pyrenees, where its presence adds a touch of ancient elegance to the skies.

Griffon Vulture

Marvel at the impressive Griffon Vulture as it gracefully circles the thermal currents in search of sustenance, contributing to the charismatic avian spectacle of the region.

Cinereous Vulture

Encounter the majestic Cinereous Vulture, a symbol of rugged wilderness, as it soars over the skies, making its presence known in this picturesque landscape.

Golden Eagle

Be captivated by the regal Golden Eagle, a symbol of wild majesty, gracing the landscape with its soaring presence and keen hunting prowess.

Red Fox

Amidst the stunning landscapes of the Spanish Pyrenees, the Red Fox reigns as a nimble and cunning inhabitant. Its rust-colored fur seamlessly blends with the mountainous terrain, symbolizing the wild beauty that characterizes this picturesque region.

Red Deer

The majestic Red Deer roams freely, embodying the spirit of untamed wilderness. With antlers raised against the backdrop of rugged peaks, these magnificent creatures contribute to the allure of this mountainous sanctuary.

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Casa Felip Guesthouse

Buseuproject has at your disposal a rehabilitated house, CASA FELIP, authorized as a Housing for Tourist Use (HUT), by the Generalitat de Catalunya, where you can accommodate the days you use the hide services. The house consists of two bedrooms for 4 people each, with two bathrooms and equipped with everything you need to prepare meals yourself.

The house is located in an abandoned village, there are no shops, no bars … so you have to bring everything you need.

And if you are not convinced or do not feel like staying at home, don’t worry, you can stay in one of the nearby villages. We can guide you.
The house is close to where we have the hides, so no need to use a vehicle to get there.

Buseu Project answers your questions when looking for accommodation.

Are you worried about the future of our planet? To us a lot, that’s why we bet on 100% sustainable tourism. Casa Felip runs on solar energy, with our emissions being 0%.

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