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Hidden wonders beyond the lens
In Latvia, hidden within the village of Nagļi, lies the SKUA Reserve, a gem on the shores of a vast lake. This sanctuary offers an exceptional photography experience with three strategically placed hides that reveal Latvia’s rich wildlife tapestry.

The main hide, partially nestled in a meadow, offers a dual perspective on the ecosystem, overlooking a small watering hole where passerine birds and woodpeckers flit about. On the other side, a serene lake provides Osprey photography opportunities during summer. With amenities like an indoor toilet, this hide comfortably accommodates up to eight participants.

Within the reserve’s birch and pine trees, a 3-meter-high watering hole hide is perfectly designed for capturing the lives of three woodpecker species and the Eurasian Sparrowhawk.

The third hide, situated in a small wetland area, unveils its nocturnal secrets as mammals like Badgers, Raccoon dogs, and Polecats emerge. Specialized lamps illuminate the surroundings, eliminating the need for disruptive flashes, ensuring an unobtrusive view of European minks and Otters. All hides are equipped with the latest amenities, including electricity, ensuring photographers are never left in the dark during their most fruitful sessions.

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The SKUA Reserve finds its home on the shores of a group of lakes, a part of the expansive water complex of Lake Lubāns—one of Latvia’s largest lakes and a critical stopover for migratory birds. In spring and autumn, the skies come alive with the mesmerizing sight of thousands of geese, swans, and cranes, as they traverse the area in search of nourishment and rest. Summer welcomes the spirited chorus of Corn crakes, while the reeds and shrubs play host to a symphony of birdlife, including the Bearded reedling, Penduline tit, and Blyth’s reed warbler.

The waters of the lake provide seasonal refuge for captivating Anatidae species such as the Smew, Goldeneye, and Great crested grebe, some of which even choose to nest in this pristine habitat. Amidst the mixed forests of fir and birch, resident species like the Capercaillie, Hazel grouse, and Black grouse flourish. In the forested depths, woodpeckers of various species grace the trees, while owls, including the Ural owl and Pygmy owl, fill the nights with their hoots.
A diverse array of predators, from White-tailed eagles to Wolves and Lynxes, adds to the intrigue of this captivating reserve. Latvia’s rich tapestry of wildlife also includes Red deer, Roe deer, Elk, and a host of other mammals that roam freely in these pristine woodlands.

As you embark on your journey through the SKUA Reserve, prepare to uncover the hidden treasures of Latvia’s untouched wilderness—a symphony of nature’s wonders awaits your lens.

“Between lakes, rural agricultural areas and vast forests in the heart of the Baltic countries.”
Highlights & Facts
Climate & Seasons

Highlights & Key Facts

Nagli, Latvia, boasts a captivating array of ecosystems. From coastal dunes to lush pine forests and vibrant wetlands, it's a haven for diverse wildlife. This exploration celebrates the region's rich biodiversity and ecological balance.

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Abundant Birdlife

The area hosts an incredible variety of birds, well visible from the hides; among them the lesser spotted eagle, the ofsprey, the white tailed eagle and even the eurasian pigmy owl.

Diverse Mammals

Latvia hosts some of the more peculiar mammals array in eastern Europe, giving home to animals like the racoon dog, but also beavers, elks, badgers and even wolves, decided to call this place home.

Accessible Locations

You can access this natural wonderland through nearby airports, including Riga (3 h.) and Vilnius (4 h.).


Pine Forests

The region is characterised by vast pine forests that support a diversity of wildlife. These forests are home to numerous bird species, mammals like the red squirrel, and a range of plants and fungi.

Lakes & Rivers

The area is known for its picturesque lakes and rivers. These freshwater habitats host fish, waterfowl, and a range of aquatic plants, contributing to the region's biodiversity.


There are agricultural areas, including farmlands and meadows. These habitats are shaped by human activity and provide food and nesting opportunities for various species.

Peat Bogs

The Nagļi peat bogs in Latvia, represent a unique and vital ecosystem. These wetlands support a diverse range of flora and fauna, including various bird species, serving as a crucial habitat for both wildlife and carbon storage. However, human activities, such as peat extraction, threaten this delicate environment, highlighting the importance of its conservation.


Raccoon Dog

Encounter the elusive Raccoon Dog, an exotic resident of Latvian woodlands, with its distinctive appearance and secretive nature.


This animal is a common inhabitant of Latvia's forests and fields, leads a nocturnal life, leaving traces of its underground burrows.


Witness the enigmatic Wolf in Latvia's wilderness, an apex predator roaming its extensive territories, adding to the country's natural allure.


Latvia's aquatic landscapes come alive with industrious Beavers shaping the environment with their dams and lodges.


Marvel at the majestic Elk, Latvia's largest land mammal, wandering through the country's pristine forests and meadows.

White-Tailed Eagle

The White-Tailed Eagle, a symbol of Latvian wilderness, soars gracefully over its lakes and rivers, epitomizing the nation's avian splendor.

Lesser Spotted Eagle

Spot this skilled hunter, in Latvia's open landscapes, as it soars in search of prey.

White-Backed Woodpecker

The White-Backed Woodpecker, a Latvian forest dweller, makes its presence known with distinctive drumming sounds and unique markings.

Eurasian Pygmy Owl

Encounter the charming Eurasian Pygmy Owl, a tiny predator of Latvia's woodlands, with its unassuming yet captivating presence.

Black Grouse

Latvia's woodlands host the captivating courtship rituals of the Black Grouse during spring, a delightful spectacle for nature enthusiasts.

Climate & Seasons

Nagli, Latvia, experiences significant seasonal temperature variations typical of a temperate climate.

Winter Season from -5°C to -8°C (23°F to 17°F).
Summer Season from 16°C to 20°C (61°F to 68°F).

To get more precise and up-to-date weather information for Nagli, it's recommended to consult a reliable weather forecasting service or a local weather station.

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