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Las Viñas

60.4720° N – 8.4689° E

Glimpse into Las Viñas, a Nature Photography Escapade
Nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of Extremadura, Spain, Las Viñas Reserve is a captivating sanctuary for nature enthusiasts and photographers alike. This remarkable reserve, rich in diverse ecosystems dominated by the iconic “Dehesa Extremeña,” invites visitors to experience the splendor of the natural world in its purest form.

With a particular emphasis on birdlife, Las Viñas is home to a spectacular array of species, including the black stork, golden eagle, Spanish imperial eagle, and various vultures. This reserve holds a unique distinction as the European wintering grounds for an impressive colony of Egyptian vultures, endowing it with a sacred allure for these scavengers.

As you explore Las Viñas, you’ll find that the best time to visit is in the spring, when black vultures, griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures, and other bird species take center stage, creating unparalleled opportunities for photography.

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Las Viñas Reserve is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. Its diverse ecosystems, prominently featuring the Dehesa, provide a picturesque canvas for capturing a wide array of bird species. Among the reserve’s distinguished inhabitants are the black stork, golden eagle, Spanish imperial eagle, and a variety of vultures. Particularly noteworthy is the reserve’s status as the exclusive European wintering ground for a colony of Egyptian vultures, adding to its allure as a revered sanctuary for these scavengers.

The optimal time for photographers to explore Las Viñas is during spring, when the landscape comes alive with the vibrant plumage and activities of various bird species, including black vultures, griffon vultures, Egyptian vultures, and the striking black and red kites. To facilitate optimal photography, the reserve offers two dedicated drinking pool hides, allowing observers to witness and capture up to 27 different bird species in less than three hours.

In addition to these hides, Las Viñas boasts two other purpose-built facilities dedicated to eagles and scavengers, each thoughtfully designed with specialized backgrounds to enhance the photographic experience. Among these, the hide known as “Infierno,” strategically perched atop a hill, provides an ideal vantage point for capturing dramatic images of birds of prey in flight.

Despite its relatively modest size, Las Viñas Reserve teems with an impressive diversity of species, making it an essential destination for both nature enthusiasts and avid photographers. With its captivating landscapes and unique wildlife offerings, this sanctuary is a must-visit location for those seeking to immerse themselves in the natural wonders of Extremadura.

“A small paradise that preserves precious rarities and offers great photographic opportunities.”
Highlights & Facts

Highlights & Key Facts

The Varanger Peninsula, home to Varangerhalvøya National Park, boasts an array of ecosystems, including wetlands, riparian valleys, and rivers brimming with grilse salmon on their journey to the Barents Sea. Its coastline reveals stratified sedimentary rock formations, sand dunes, rocky shores, and evidence of post-glacial rebound in the form of raised beaches.

0 sq km

Geographic size

0 bird species

With approximately 400 bird species gracing its skies, the Varanger Peninsula is a birdwatcher's paradise.

0 mammal specied

Encounter around 120 mammal species, both marine and terrestrial, as you explore this pristine wilderness.

0 day of beauty

Arctic Norway's beauty is ever-present, making it a year-round destination for travelers seeking adventure.

0 mins from wonder

You can access this natural wonderland through nearby airports, including Berlevåg (30 minutes), Båtsfjord (45 minutes), Vadsø (2 hours and 30 minutes), Kirkenes (3 hours), or Ivalo (4 hours and 30 minutes).


Due to its unique location, this area undergoes remarkable seasonal transformations, offering a diverse range of habitats that captivate visitors throughout the year. Each habitat in this remarkable region unveils a new chapter in the story of Arctic Norway's natural wonders, inviting you to explore, discover, and connect with what this extraordinary world has to offer!


Embark on a voyage along the rugged coast of Varangerfjord, a sanctuary for marine life and a nesting ground for seabirds such as puffins and eiders.

Tundra & Taiga

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the windswept plains, where you can encounter herds of reindeers.


Experience the tranquility of wetlands as you observe an array of birdlife and other unique fauna that call these areas home.

Arctic Seas

Bear witness to the vibrant tapestry of life where the ocean meets the land, resonating with the calls of seabirds and the dynamic interactions of marine creatures.


Meet the Gyrfalcon, one of the Arctic's largest and most magnificent raptor. Spot them during the breeding season from late spring to early summer. These skilled hunters prey on ptarmigans and gulls, soaring gracefully over the pristine landscapes.

King Eider

Delight in the vibrant King Eider during february and march, a true waterfowl spectacle. These sociable birds gather on the Barents Sea, where they forage with elegance, hunting for crustaceans and mollusks in the cold Arctic waters.

Shore Lark

Encounter this species, known for its melodious songs, while exploring the moorlands. They grace these landscapes during spring, their bright yellow throats making them stand out in the Arctic wilderness.

Red-Throated Pipit

Spot the Red-Throated Pipit from late may and all the arctic summer. These charming birds are not only known for their melodic notes but also their distinctive reddish throats.

Yellow-Billed Loon

Witness the elusive Yellow-Billed Loon, known for its haunting calls and unique yellow bills. Catch a glimpse of them mainly in May, with some individuals visible also during summer months.


Marvel at the Ruff's intricate courtship dances from may to june. During this season, males flaunt frilly neck feathers in leks, a mesmerizing sight showcasing their vibrant breeding plumage.

Red-Necked Phalarope

Observe the captivating aquatic ballet of the Red-Necked Phalaropes from June to August. These agile birds spin in graceful circles while foraging in freshwater lakes, showcasing their distinctive feeding behavior.


Explore coastal cliffs between March and August to witness Razorbills nesting. With their striking black and white plumage and unique bills, these seabirds are a captivating sight against the backdrop of the Arctic coastline.

Short-Eared Owl

Encounter the enigmatic Short-Eared Owl during spring and early autumn migrations. These daytime hunters glide gracefully over the tundra, using their acute vision to spot and catch voles.

Long-Tailed Skua

Witness the Long-Tailed Skua's agile flight over tundra from late May to August. Recognized by their long tail streamers, these seabirds add a touch of elegance to the Arctic skies.

Long-Tailed Duck

Spot the Long-Tailed Duck during spring (February to May) in the harbors and on the coast on the mountain lakes during summer. Known for their striking plumage and impressive diving skills, they are often found in Arctic waters.

Red-Spotted Bluethroat

Delight in the vibrant colors and melodic songs of the Red-Spotted Bluethroat from May to July. These captivating birds breed in the bushlands along the coasts and on the mountains.

Purple Sandpiper

Encounter this coastal resident species, Purple Sandpipers, easy to be spotted as they forage along rocky shores, a testament to their resilience in the challenging Arctic environment.

White Tailed Godwit

They usually arrive between May and June and are easy to spot thanks to their strong calls, their long bills and cinnamon breeding plumage adding a touch of grace to the tundra’s Arctic wetlands.


Discover nesting colonies of Puffins from March to August, where their colorful bills and skilled flying and swimming abilities make them iconic inhabitants of the Arctic cliffs.


Encounter these Arctic icons year-round, as they graze on lichen, moss, and vegetation, showcasing their remarkable adaptation to the harsh Arctic conditions.

Steller's Eider

Observe this species in February and March, mainly in the small harbor of Berlevag and Batsfjord, where their striking plumage and distinctive golden "sails" stand out amidst the Arctic waters.

Red-Throated Loon

Spot elegant divers, Red-Throated Loons, from May to August. Their distinctive calls and dances red during breeding season make them a sight to behold on Arctic lakes.


Witness the silent predator that lives in the Boreal woodlands, visible from February to October. With their daytime hunting habits, they offer a unique opportunity to observe raptors in action.

Snow Bunting

Encounter this species mainly in April, during the spring migration, but with some breeding couples on the plateaus, appreciating their pristine white plumage and melodic calls as they traverse the Arctic landscapes.

Lapland Bunting

Spot this species in the tundra from late May until early autumn, known for their distinctive calls and streaked brown plumage, adding a touch of charm to the Arctic wilderness.

Fin Whale

Meet the majestic Fin Whale, the second-largest creature on Earth, gracing the Arctic waters during summer. These enormous marine mammals, with their streamlined bodies and distinctive dorsal fins, are a sight to behold as they gracefully glide through the cold, nutrient-rich seas.


Observe the hardy Fulmars soaring over the waves of the Barents Sea year-round. These seabirds, with their stout bodies and distinctive tube-like bills, are built for life at sea, and they navigate the frigid Arctic air with ease.

Harbour Seal

Encounter the charming Harbour Seals, year-round residents along the Arctic coast. With their endearing expressions and streamlined bodies, they bask on coastal rocks and ice floes, providing delightful photo opportunities.

Humpback Whale

Marvel at the acrobatic displays of Humpback Whales during summer in Arctic waters. These massive marine mammals are known for their breaching and tail-slapping behaviors, creating a spectacle against the Arctic backdrop.

Killer Whale (Orcas)

Witness the intelligence and social dynamics of Killer Whales year-round in Arctic seas. These apex predators, with their striking black and white markings, hunt in coordinated packs, making them a fascinating subject for observation.

Northern Gannet

Discover this species during our boat excursions in the lone breeding colony of the Northern part of Varanger Peninsula. These seabirds, with their striking white plumage and golden heads, are skilled divers, plunging into the sea to catch fish.

White-Beaked Dolphin

Spot the energetic White-Beaked Dolphins as they frolic in Arctic waters during summer. These playful cetaceans, recognized by their white beaks and distinctive coloration, often ride the bow waves of boats, providing delightful encounters.


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