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Danube Delta

45.38474, 29.57015
Ultima Frontiera: A paradise into the wild
Venture to Ultima Frontiera, where the journey is an adventure in itself. Situated more than 80 kilometers from Tulcea, this pristine reserve is accessible only by boat via the Danube River.

Explore one of Europe’s largest wetlands, home to flooded forests, charming villages, and diverse bird species. What sets Ultima Frontiera apart is the chance to explore vast territories by boat and 4WD vehicles, visiting remote landscapes like Letea Forest and Musura Lagoon.

Here tranquility reigns; electric vehicles and expert guides make exploration a breeze and a 4-star retreat, offers modern comfort amidst nature’s beauty.

The surroundings bear witness to history, with the lodge once a prison camp; now, it’s a wildlife haven. Nature’s symphony fills the air, from jackal howls to tree frog concerts.

Exclusivity is key, with only 16 visitors at a time; this ensures an intimate encounter with the reserve’s extensive trail network, spanning over 30 kilometers.

Ultima Frontiera awaits your visit, promising a unique wilderness experience.

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Your journey to Ultima Frontiera begins with an 80-kilometer scenic boat ride along the Danube River. This hidden paradise, accessible exclusively via the winding river, offers an exceptional adventure, unlike typical cruise expeditions. With access to remote areas like Letea Forest, ancient dunes, and the Black Sea’s Musura Lagoon, you’ll experience nature like never before.

Besides exploring extensive territories independently with small electric vehicles, you can enjoy specialized areas for bird and dragonfly watching, top-notch photographic equipment, guided excursions, and various photo hides. The first-class lodge provides the comfort of a luxury hotel amidst a landscape of lakes, reeds, forests, and scrub.

Our reserve caters to naturalists and photographers, offering a remarkable variety of photo hides. Venture into Letea Forest, explore off-road landscapes, or embark on boat trips. This remote location, isolated from the mainland and surrounded by marshy swamps, offers a truly wild experience. Experience rural villages, pelican-inhabited lakes, and off-road excursions in the heart of this natural paradise.

In addition to our existing offerings, we’ve introduced self-catering apartments with kitchens, allowing you to stay as long as you desire in this pristine wilderness. It’s an adventure like no other, a journey to the very heart of a wild paradise. Ultima Frontiera is a place that beckons nature enthusiasts, photographers, and those seeking a genuine connection with the untamed beauty of nature. Your adventure in this remote sanctuary promises to be unforgettable, with surprises around every corner and a chance to immerse yourself in the heart of one of Europe’s most pristine and untouched regions.

“Every evening from your room you can hear the long howl of groups of jackals calling to each other.”
Highlights & Facts
Climate & Seasons

Highlights & Key Facts

Ultima Frontiera boasts a rich tapestry of ecosystems, from lush forests to pristine wetlands. Its mosaic of habitats nurtures diverse wildlife, making it a prime destination for nature enthusiasts. Explore ancient forests, meandering rivers, and pristine wetlands, each offering a unique glimpse into this remarkable natural wonder. Discover a haven for golden jackals and otters. Then, venture into the UNESCO-listed Danube Delta, a birdwatcher's paradise with 300+ species. Immerse yourself in local culture in the Delta's fishing villages and savor the local cuisine while connecting with nature.

0 sq km
Exclusive area, plus hundreds in the surrounding area that we explore in our tours
0 bird species
In the area lives an incredible array of over 220 birds species; including some seasonal visitors as rollers, bee eaters, hoopoes, bluethroats, shrikes and many more.
0 day of beauty
Ultima Frontiera awaits its guests all year long, come and visit our special place in the hearth of the Danube Delta.
Diverse Mammals

Wandering through Ultima Frontiera is not uncommon to encounter golden jackals roaming near the channels or in the open areas. They are the stars of the reserve, but many other mammals including otters, hares, Letea’s horses, cows, boars, water buffalos and diverse rodents roam in the area.

Accessible Locations

You can access this natural wonderland through the nearby airports of Bucharest (4h) to Tulcea or Constanta (1h30min) to Tulcea.



The endless steppes of Ultima Frontiera teem with life. They stretch to the horizon, a patchwork of grasslands and wildflowers. This untamed expanse embodies the wild beauty of nature.

Lakes and Wetlands

Ultima Frontiera's lakes and wetlands are thriving ecosystems. Otters play in the waters, dragonflies dance above, and bearded reedlings flit through the reeds. This habitat showcases the delicate balance of life and the rich vibrancy of nature.


Within the reserve lies Letea Forest, an ancient woodland filled with towering trees, moss-covered trunks, and shafts of sunlight. Woodpeckers drum on trees and the Eurasian tawny owl watches from above. Letea Forest stands as a living testament to the endurance of nature.

Black Sea and Musura Lagoon

The Black Sea create a dynamic and unique ecosystem in the Delta. Here, the river's freshwater meets the saltwater of the sea, fostering biodiversity. Migratory birds make stopovers in the captivating Musura Lagoon, while diverse fish species inhabit its waters. Tides and currents orchestrate a symphony of life in this ever-changing habitat.

Golden Jackal

The elusive Golden Jackal, a symbol of the Danube Delta's wilderness, roams these vast wetlands, embodying nature's untamed spirit.


Discover this enchanting bird in the Delta's lush reed beds, where its vibrant plumage and melodious songs bring color and music to the wetland landscape.


The Roller, with its striking azure plumage, graces the Danube Delta as a seasonal visitor, enhancing its natural beauty with vivid flashes of color.

White-Tailed Eagle

The majestic White-Tailed Eagle, a symbol of power and grace, soars high above the delta, ruling the skies with its imposing presence.

Barn Owl

The Barn Owl emerges in the twilight, a silent hunter in the Delta's nighttime world, where it embodies the enigmatic charm of the marshes.

Black Woodpecker

Its rhythmic drumming resonates through the lush forests of this pristine sanctuary.

Little Owl

Graces the delta with its nocturnal presence, silently hunting amidst the reeds.

Collared Pratincole

With their swift movements, blend into the coastal landscapes.

Red-footed Falcon

A summer guest, enchants with its vibrant plumage and acrobatic flights.

Bearded Reedling

Master of the reeds, thrives in the heart of the Danube Delta, adding charm to its wetland realms.

Red-Necked Grebe

Dives gracefully beneath the surface, symbol of tranquility in this wetland haven.


Meet the European Badger, a ground-dweller that adds to the region's rich biodiversity.


They navigate the delta's waterways, their playful antics are a true delight to observe.


The Wildcat is a stealthy inhabitant of the delta, hidden in the reeds and woodlands.

White Pelican

With its pure plumage, graces the delta's labyrinth of waterways.

Dalmatian Pelican

Curling in the Danube Delta's waters, the Dalmatian Pelican is a majestic aquatic presence.

Climate & Seasons

Each season offers its own unique charm, whether it's the enchanting Northern Lights, the diverse wildlife, the culinary delights, or the captivating activities that await you in Varanger Peninsula. No matter when you visit, a world of natural wonders and unforgettable experiences awaits.

Winter (November - March)

Winter Schools: During the cold season, special winter schools programs of monitoring will take place, follow us in this “scientific immersion” amid the local species.

Predators on ice and wintering birds: in February, thanks to a limited number of special openings, you can photograph bitterns, otters, eagles and jackals hunting on ice.

Spring (April - May)

Black woodpeckers in search of a home: In March/April lies the best time of the year to observe and photograph the Black Woodpecker at the peak of its territorial activity and nest building.

Migratory birds Return: Between the end of March and April all the migratory species make a comeback in Ultima, increasing the chances to get a glimpse of such species.

The best of the Breeding Season: From 1st May till 15th August undoubtedly the best time to observe and photograph most species at Ultima Frontiera. Rollers, bee-eaters, hopooes, woodpeckers, jackals, pelicans, terns and more.

Summer (June - August)

The best of the Breeding Season: From 1st May till 15th August undoubtedly the best time to observe and photograph most species at Ultima Frontiera. Rollers, bee-eaters, hopooes, woodpeckers, jackals, pelicans, terns and more…

Summer Schools: During Summer, following the cubs of golden jackals and other reproducing species, we will monitor all the wildlife array of the area through meticolous observation.

New Generations explore the property: In July/august the litters of Golden Jackals leave their dens and begin to explore the surroundings. Thanks to portable photo hides, you can photograph the cubs playing and interacting with each other.

Red-Footed Falcons Among the Pink Salty Steppes: From 15th August till 15th September Adults and young of Eurasian Hobbies and Red-footed Falcons gather in large numbers on the red and pink glasswort-covered steppes to hunt for insects.

Night Sky Photography: From the end of June the galaxies and billions of stars show up in the best season for Night Sky Photography; in Ultima Frontiera you can count on a special view without light pollution just on the sea level!

Autumn (September - October)

Vivid Fall Colors: In Autumn the steppes tinge in red due to the glasswort changing its color, in this season you can explore the steppes with its Letea horses while experiencing the vastity of this wild environment.

Night Sky Photography: Till the end of September the Night Sky will amaze you with all the stars one can count, in this period, which begins in the end of june, you can see Andromeda and the Milky Way at their best.


Ultima Frontiera-Hotel

In Periprava on the wild Danube Delta is located our fantastic accommodation; once a Pogrom and then a fish factory, the reserve itself accounts for over 1000 hectares and a lot of history.

In the Hotel you will find 16 comfortable rooms, electric caddies to roam around the reserve and the restaurant, but there’s more; you can enjoy some relaxation in our patio or have a sun bath in the garden. When night comes starry skies show the magnificence of the universe while tens of howling creatures come alive; at sunrise a whole set of chirping birds start their symphony.

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