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Make an Impact, Conserve the Wildlife, Be a Ranger!

Welcome to the BE RANGER LIGHT PROGRAM, an extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of nature conservation and wildlife management like never before.
Are you Ready to Become a Guardian of Nature?

Welcome to the BE RANGER LIGHT PROGRAM, an extraordinary opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of nature conservation and wildlife management like never before. If you’re passionate about preserving our planet’s biodiversity, committed to living abroad, and eager to embrace the challenges of working in remote wilderness areas, then this program is your gateway to a thrilling and fulfilling career as a ranger.


Embark on an Unforgettable Journey

Over the course of three intensive modules, you’ll delve deep into the heart of Europe’s wildest landscapes, from tranquil forests to remote arctic tundras. Guided by expert instructors and surrounded by like-minded individuals, you’ll undergo a transformative learning experience that combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on field work, preparing you for the demands and rewards of life as a professional ranger.

Module 1

Introduction Cabin: Foundations of Ranger Excellence

In Module 1, you’ll lay the groundwork for your ranger career, mastering essential skills such as equipment handling, first aid, and communication in the field. From orienteering to wildlife first aid, you’ll learn to navigate any challenge with confidence and resilience, gaining practical experience in wildlife monitoring, species recognition, and specimen preparation. By the end of this module, you’ll engage in both theoretical and practical lessons covering animal and plant morphology, species recognition, storytelling, and safe driving – essential skills for aspiring rangers. 

The first module takes place at the stunning “Ciabot degli Animali” within La Mandria Regional Park. Situated amidst nature yet conveniently close to Turin, it’s easily accessible by dedicated bus.

Module 2

Advanced Practical Frontier: Pushing the Boundaries

In Module 2, we venture further into the wilderness, specifically the stunning Danube Delta, where the eerie calls of golden jackals fill the night air. Here, participants will immerse themselves in real-world scenarios, honing their skills in expedition organization, space management, and carpentry techniques. Amidst the beauty of the Delta, they’ll also develop advanced driving abilities, master customer management strategies, and delve into the intricacies of photo hides and wildlife monitoring. By navigating off-road terrain and participating in nocturnal safaris, participants will emerge from this module as seasoned rangers, fully equipped to overcome any challenge in their path.

Module 3

Advanced Practical Varanger and Lapland: Mastering the Arctic

In Module 3, you’ll embark on an unforgettable journey to the remote landscapes of Varanger and Lapland, where the wild beauty of the Arctic awaits. Here, amidst the vast expanses of taiga and tundra, you’ll confront the extremes of nature and the complexities of arctic wildlife. As you traverse these pristine regions, you’ll not only refine your wildlife approach techniques and deepen your understanding of local traditions but also sharpen your ability to recognize key species. Additionally, this module focuses on the refinement of essential skills, effective customer management strategies, and comprehensive knowledge of the tour locations. By the conclusion of this transformative experience, you’ll emerge as a true ranger.

Program Information


The course will be held from June to August.


Accommodation, meals, and flights to and from the designated areas (accommodation, meals, and flights for the first module are not included).


The program fee is €1,500
Requirements to Participate

To enroll in the program, we ask for:

  • Passion for nature, wildlife, and conservation.
  • Interest in animals and their welfare.
  • Enthusiasm for travel and exploration.
  • Keenness for photography and capturing the beauty of nature.
  • Willingness to adapt and embrace new environments.
  • Strong interpersonal skills for interacting with clients and team members.
  • Physical fitness and stamina for outdoor activities.
  • Open-mindedness and a spirit of curiosity.
  • you must have at least a B2 level of English proficiency 
  • valid driving license recognized in Europe. 
  • Additionally, you should be flexible and willing to relocate frequently between different areas.

Each module concludes with a final evaluation, which determines eligibility for the subsequent module.

Join the Ranks of the Elite

Join us on this extraordinary journey and become part of a select group of individuals dedicated to preserving our planet’s natural heritage. Whether you dream of guiding travelers through untamed landscapes or conducting vital research in remote wilderness areas, the BE RANGER LIGHT PROGRAM will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to make a lasting impact on the world around you.


Is the porgram suitable for you?
This program includes both scientific and technical issues, so if you have a scientific background you will be advantaged following it; but we encourage also people with a strong will and passion to participate, because we believe that qualifications are not the only things that truly count. Sometimes passion and commitment outclass traditional education.

What’s next? What is coming after the training period?
For the participants that will pass through every step with good results there will be the chance to work as rangers or guides with Skua in the reserves of our network or for the travel seasons.

Is there a final exam? How does it work the evaluation throughtout the program?
Yes, the participants will be evaluated during the program; each module has its own evaluation test and there will be a final evaluation that includes the arguments and skills developed during the whole period. The evaluation will be held in different manners, both as an on the field test and with an oral examination.

What is covered with the fee? What are the rewards?
The participation fee covers the costs of logistics, lessons, experiences and food and accommodation in both module 2 and module 3; the reward for this light program is the chance to work in this field as both rangers and tour leaders. The fee doesn’t cover the real costs, so it is just a way to test the seriousness and suitability of the participants.

Is it possible to work in the reserves managed by the company as hide keepers too?
The rangers also manage the hide keeping of the reserve and develop the strategies necessary to organize
the monitoring and positioning new photo hides.

What is the average income for a Skua ranger?
A ranger working with Skua earns an average of 1500€/month with a difference in the different areas we manage due to the different difficulties encountered in the areas, but has several benefits included such as housing and costs covered by the company; in fact the rangers in our reserves live inside the reserve in one of our structures and have no costs on their behalf. This is surely a good opportunity to save money while working in the field you have been dreaming to work for.

Where the participants can live during the first module?
The company doesn’t cover the housing of the first module, but we can suggest you several options in the area. There is indeed the option of living directly inside the Park La Mandria for the period for an additional cost; but both in Venaria and Turin there are other kinds of accommodations such as B&B, Hostels, Hotels, Apartments and Rooms.

In which language are the lessons?
All the lessons in the training program are held in english, with the possibility for entirely italian groups of participants to choose for italian lessons; despite the english level of the participants for practical purposes will be evaluated.

For how many participants is meant the program and why?
The program is accessible throughtout a selection and admits a maximum of seven participants; this is mandatory to guarantee the highest level of tuition and keep the standards of formation. To access the program the candidates will attain a webinar meant to explicate the modules and pre select the possible participants.
After this first step the candidates will send their cover letter and CV to receive the final evaluation before getting started; this double selections are very important to guarantee the best environment to all the attendees and give them the best chances for demonstrating their full depth.

Is there a best season to choose for participating in the program?
The program doesn’t have a best season, but it has an easier one; indeed attending it during the summer is easier than in the winter, this is due to the climate and its difficulties. During winter time Norway and Lapland have an harsh environment full of challenges and thus the people participating in a winter session will directly develop the skills to work in the arctics, but at the same time
will have decreased chances to study many species on the field, while having the chance to meet a few others.
During summer time the arctic days are neverending and in the winter is the other way round; every season has its own challenges, but we are confident that, whichever is the period you will participate to the program, you will be ready for any eventuality.

What do we expect from a participant?
Due to the level of selection and the fee required to participate, we do expect that the participants have the willingness to put efforts in learning everything the program has to offer, to have a right dose of curiosity and be ready both phisically and mentally to face the challenges these environments and kind of work could have to face.
We also hope they will have fun and be able to create bonds and live extraordinary experiences.

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