Skua Nature Group is a global project dedicated to promoting sustainable wildlife tourism for more than a decade.

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Meet the Skua Nature team

Massimiliano Biasioli

General Director and Founder of Skua Nature Group, Nature Development Consultant, member of the Board of Directors and Photographer

Giorgio Kindinis

CEO and President of the Board of Directors

Luca, Alessandro e Francesco Poggi

Member of the Board of Directors

Massimo Ferioli

Member of the Board of Directors

Alessandro Rinaldi

Member of the Board of Directors

Gionata Possenti

Member of the Board of Directors

Alberto Valente

Member of the Board of Directors

Paola Minelli

Member of the Board of Directors

Iago Corazza

Operational Director, Skua Masterclass Director and Member of the Board of Directors, Writer, Photographer and Anthropologist

Agnieszka Liwinska

General Project Coordinator and Head Office

Mattia Decio

Product Manager and Photographer

Davide Guidone

Training Manager and Photographer

Merce Romero Rodriguez

Regional Project Leader (Spain), Head of Las Viñas, Ranger and Photographer

Manuela Rodríguez

Las Viñas Ranger and Photographer

Marino Premoli

Skua Development and Photographer

Marvin Laynes

Head of Ultima Frontiera, Ranger and Photographer

Laura Tuzlaru

Wild Danube Hotel Coordinator

Carlos Molina

Wild Danube Ranger and Photographer

Rebecca Ferioli

Alpasin Ranger and Photographer

Adrian Ortega

Alpasin Ranger and Photographer

Agustin Perez Amil

Head of Alpasín Reserve, Ranger and Photographer

Rosana Caballero Parra

Regional Project Leader (Norway), Kongsfjord Arctic Lodge Manager

Luis Emilio Menin

Kongsfjord Arctic Lodge Restaurant Chef

Laura Jaudzema

Latvia’s Technical Coordinator, Ranger and Photographer

Mario Cea

Skua Masterclass Teacher, Hide Photography Specialist and Wildlife Photographer

Urszula Wozniak

Skua Office Secretary

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